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The Cops Caught Me

I've only been in a cop car once. When I was eight years old – yesss I've been a rebel from childhood.

Ha! I wish! It's actually kind of a funny story…

It was Saturday and like usual my mom and I were gearing up to go to church. I used to live in a town house and the school we used to use for service was less than a 10minute drive. I didn't get dressed on time and my mom left me. So I began walking. I walked a mile until I got to Contee , a busy four way traffic light. After about 10 minutes of standing there not being able to go, these police officers ask me what I'm doing on the corner. I told them the whole story and they took me to church. I don't remember much after that I just now my mom was upset (and embarrassed) I didn't get in trouble though. The Police officers gave me my first stuffed animal- AJ and I still have him!

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Break by Kandi of RHWOA

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Sickle Cell is a genetic disease that afflicts millions of people around the world. Click here to learn more.
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Letter to Lil Wayne

YouTube – Watoto From The Nile- Letter to Lil Wayne Official Music Video.

“Letter to Lil Wayne” is a direct statement of justice from Watoto From The Nile. Growing tired and fed up with the constant degradation of Black women inside of Hip Hop music, they voice their views and opinions on this melodic track.

Also check them out at

I’m sorry I couldn’t do a real post last week I just been so busy but I will be back this week.

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